11/3/17: I keep forgetting to update this.. Sorry ^^; For Videos; Full HHHB Ja Commercial, New Ver of 4th Hamutaro Opening and Ja HHHB Commercial. More Restoring; Ep 130 Pics for both winged hammies, and other pics restored, especially with the angel ham, One restored Fan-Art as well. Two New Pictures for 'Spat and Harmony Pics' and more :D


Hello and welcome to Spat and Harmony Heartbreak! A site dedicated to Spat and Harmony from Hamtaro. Thank you so much for visiting the site, I appreciate it very much! Please sign the guest book before you leave, I love to hear comments about the site, thanks!


After a Long Wait.. I Update :D

Sunday - Aug 20, 2017

The title rhymes.. I like it :3 Wow, this is my first update in 2017 and the year is near it's end.. I got busy with my other sites and other things but now I'm ready to make an update >:) First of all, I should mention why only the layout is available on the home page. That's because of Webs being an idjit and suddenly not supporting server side includes, which makes changes to the layout and adding the layout coding when a new layout appears EASY by just making changes to two files that has the layout coding in two parts so now SHHB is stuck like this until Webs supports that helpful method or I find another host and move the whole site to another. I'm thinking of moving the site to Weebly but it has a very confusing set up for having sites in html.. If things weren't bad enough Photobucket has stopped being a hot linking image host unless someone is stupid enough to pay $400 a year, I'm serious, Photobucket has become THAT stupid.. So since I'm not a stupid person, I'm moving all of the images that are hosted on Photobucket to Postimage. This is kind of like the fall of Majhost except Photobucket isn't down but all of the images are replaced by an image that says something like 'Please upgrade account to hot link' and the upgrade is them being very greedy with the whole 'pay a ridiculous amount'. I thought 2017 would be a good year since it started out that way, at least for me but then bad stuff comes to make my life as a webmistress hard.. Sorry for the issues, if I was in control/didn't have to rely on someone else hosting for me then I would be in control. Because of the Photobucket issue, I started fixing the thumbnails in these Picture Galleries; Spat Pics, Harmony Pics, and Spat & Harmony Pics since I worked on other things on those pages. I also worked on making redos of all of the Ep 130 screen shots since the better looking ones are gone.. but they're now in DVD quality since I used a foreign version so they look better now :D I added redos of "Harmony Collage" and "Harmony Collage 2" and "Spatty 2" which I'm pretty sure it showed the Spat puzzle in Ham-Ham Heartbreak so it's now "Spat Puzzle". "Harmony Collage" is like the Spat one except it's the angel hammy and "Harmony Collage 2" is like "Spat Wallpaper 2" since I wanted Harmony to have something similar but of course there's some differences between the two.

I added a new video to 'Videos'; Ham-Ham Heartbreak - Full Japanese Commercial and new versions for these videos; Ham-Ham Heartbreak - Japanese Commercial and Tottoko Hamutaro Opening 4. One 'Fan Art' is revived which is by Mimitchi. Since I made new screenshots of the 4th opening which is the only opening that Spat and Harmony appear a while back I replaced them with the old ones, the new versions are in better quality and there's one more added as well :) Since several Spat pics and Harmony pics could use a better version I made redo versions for these images; Harmony 46, Harmony 48, Spat 54, and Harmony 85. I also took a few screenshots of new Spat and Harmony pics from Ep 130 and 244. I've noticed this a while ago but in 'Enter/Hiatus Signs' the text in the Spat hiatus is barely read-able so I went over the text in black, which looks a lot better though I don't remember what kind of text style I used and used a simple style. Since there's many broken images that I can't revive because of Majhost's fall, I have cleaned up the following pages; Fan Art and Free Layouts by removing the broken images. Though since all of the images that I used to create the free layouts are broken I'm going to start that section from scratch and just make three layouts instead. Maybe I'll make one more later on, who knows. For the fact that I only have the thumbnails of the coloring pages, I have sadly deleted 'Coloring Pages'.. There's also the fact that it'll take too long to redo all of the ones I did, lots of work was put into them, which includes all but one. It might've been a while since I noticed but the Free Online Users html code doesn't work anymore and the link in the code takes me to another site than the one that the code connects with. For those of you that don't know, Free Online Users was a way to know if anyone was on SHHB. If one person was on it would say "1 Ham-Hams" but if two people where on then the number would change to 2. Now it just says 'Ham-Hams' despite the fact that I'm online so it's defiantly broken.

Added Full HHHB Ja Commercial in 'Videos'
Added New Version of Hamutaro Opening 4 in 'Videos'
Added New Version of HHHB Ja Commercial in 'Videos'
One Restored Fan-Art in 'Fan Arts'
Ep 130 Pics & Spatty 2 (Spat Puzzle) Restored in 'Spat Pics'
Ep 130 Pics, Harmony Collage, & Harmony Collage 2 Restored in 'Harmony Pics'
New Pics; Spat and Harmony 3 & 4 in 'Spat & Harmony Pics'
New Versions of Spat and Harmony Opening Pics in 'Spat & Harmony Pics'
Redid Spat Hiatus in 'Enter/Hiatus Signs'
Thumbnails Restored in 'Spat Pics', 'Harmony Pics', and 'Spat & Harmony Pics'
Page Clean Ups for 'Fan Arts' and 'Free Layouts'
'Coloring Pages' Deleted :<
Removed Free Online Users Code
Updated 'Credits'

Yulemas Update

Saturday - Dec 17, 2016

As I said before; I'm planning on adding a AMV redo for Harmony - Where Are You Christmas somewhere around December at least if not around Xmas.. and this update marks it, which I have already added to 'Fan Videos'. About today's update title; You people are probably saying that it's Christmas and not Yulemas, right? Well, if you are.. then I call it that because the common holiday title is about a religious character called Jesus Christ, which is why Christ is in the title but it isn't pronounced the same. Despite Christmas being the common title for this wonderful holiday, only so many people actually celebrate this character's so called birthday. Which makes me wonder why people even call it Christmas if the title comes from Jesus? Now for the Yule part, Yule, short for Yuletide was the original title before Christians came in and changed the title, saying that this so called savior is when he was born. Though the only thing different about Yuletide and Christmas is that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of a Christian character but all the fun holiday activities that people, including me, enjoy doing; baking cookies, decorating, gift giving, etc. are part of Yule. If the meaning of 'Christmas' is about this being that appeared millions of years ago (or more) and hasn't come back since then why bother with it, then there's also the fact that a true birthday is celebrated with a cake and presents (at least cake), so my question is; Why aren't people celebrating this guy's birthday like an ordinary person? Yeah, I know he isn't ordinary but still are his birthday's suppose to celebrate his birth by worshiping him, having the birth of his story decorations displayed, and singing songs about that 'glorious day' and that's basically it.. Wha? No cake? No presents for him? Why celebrate a so called savior's birthday if he gets no cake and presents.. if he's so special then why nothing else? Well, that's a stupid birthday -_- So, if you haven't noticed already, I do not celebrate or worship this guy who people enjoy seeing on a cross.. I don't even like seeing anyone sacrificing themselves just because people say it's for the 'greater good'. I fell no joy out of this like some people. There was a time when I was Christian but the funny thing was is that I only worshiped the Christian God but not Jesus, despite his last name being in the religion's title unlike other people lol so I fell out of that and became non-religious and I still am, though I do believe in things that can't be seen with the naked eye.

Sorry about that but when your celebrating Yulemas and mostly everyone around you is not celebrating the same thing, then people might ask questions. Though I've recently noticed that Yulemas is actually a word and not made up by me XD I actually came up with the title by putting Yule in instead of Christ since I don't think that Christian stuff is needed. If you don't believe that Yulemas isn't an actual word then Google it ;) Even though I'm not like some people when it comes to this holiday, I say celebrate it however you like, I would just like you to respect my meaning of it and if you do, I'll do the same so let's not fight over whoever is right and celebrate Yulemas/Christmas with peace and harmony cause it's not the way of this holiday if people fight, right? :) And even though I don't like the common title.. I still bare with it so it's hard for me to be all mad about it but as I said before it's the shoved Christmas story thing that hits into Yule is what bugs me, but if you guys wish to believe in such a person then go ahead. I'm just explaining why I chose the update title to be Yulemas, that's all. Since that's out of the way on to the updates; Like I said on the previous update, I've added the English Ham-Ham Heartbreak commercial pictures to both 'Spat Pictures' and 'Harmony Pictures' which follow up from the Japanese version and added the actual commercial on 'Videos' below the original. SHHB's old affiliate; Sunflower Garden has returned, which used to be in the Inactive Affiliates section! So, it's in the original section of 'Affiliates' and has returned to the navigation and on top of that, a new button ^^ Though since it's bigger than the other buttons in the list, it's been sized down but it's only like this in the navigation. Though since HHF sadly hasn't updated in over three years, it's traded place with Sunflower Garden :S But if Ham-Ham Friends ever becomes active again, I'll gladly return it to where it used to be ^v^ For the rest of the updates, it seems that I was able to upload Harmony's Yulemas AMV but.. I tried uploading Spat and Harmony Tribute (Redo) and Spat and Harmony - Defeated to Photobucket but the site isn't accepting them.. and I tried twice, it does upload the AMVs but they never get added to the album.. -_- Since this is happening, they're available to upload on Mega just like I did with the episodes. This may be permanent since finding a suitable host, is a drag (Shikamaru's word! Yay! XD). Spat and Harmony - Defeated is the replacement for Spat and Harmony - 7 Things since I couldn't handle the fact that I would have to use that song again lol Sorry to those who wanted a redo of it.. not being a redo like the others, it's a brand new AMV <3 Before I go.. Happy Holidays everyone! :D

Added Harmony - Where Are You Christmas? (Redo)
Spat and Harmony Tribute (Redo) (Download)
Spat and Harmony - Defeated (Download)
Added Eng HHHB Commercial Pics
Added Eng HHHB Commercial in 'Videos'
'Affiliates' Updated

Halloween Update

Tuesday - Sept 27, 2016

Even though it's still September.. Happy Halloween everyone! :D I gave this update entry, a Halloweenish title since I made one of those images for this holiday. I made too many Xmas ones already so it's time to celebrate a new holiday! I added four more AMV Redos; Spat - You Spin Me Around, Harmony - We're in Heaven, Spat - It's Not My Time, and Harmony Tribute Since I no longer fav that song that is used in that music video I had issues dealing with it but I went through it for the sake of making a redo of it. I've been through worse stuff anyway. That's why I didn't upload it with Spat's Tribute ^^' The Ham-Ham Heartbreak pictures have been restored but instead of having 99 images, I lowered the amount to 49 pics instead. I have no idea how I got 99 pictures the first time I added that page XD That's too many images to add D: Speaking of images, I added better versions of 'Angel-chan' in Harmony's picture gallery, though this version is smaller than the first but it isn't blurry. I also added better versions of 'Spat Harmony Opening 2' through 'Spat Harmony Opening 4', that have bright colors and are in better quality thanks to a random Tottoko Hamutaro episode that has the 4th opening that I downloaded from Ham-Ham Paradise. The quality still could be better but that's probably as far as I can get. It's been a month or two since I decided to bookmark HHP's Tumblr and I found lots of interesting Hamtaro stuff plus a better version of Spat's Trading Card and found Harmony's Trading Card as well *o* With her trading card finally revealed, I added the image of it to her picture gallery and added it to 'Harmony Merch' With a new item added to that page I also restored some more images and had to do some rearranging since I have less restored images than broken ones. That logic had to be done with the other merchandise pages as well, I could explain it more but I rather not. It's a lot to add.. Since I have a better version of that Spat Trading Card, I added it to 'Spat Pics' & 'Spat Merch' plus added a new summary to go with it :3 There wasn't much to type about it before but seeing a bigger and better version of it made the summary of it expand :)

For 'Spat & Harmony Merch' I found out that the original images the HHHB guidebook is actually the images for a book that is about the game, so it turns out that a new item is listed; HHHB Book which I have little info to go on :/ For 'Sprites' I noticed that I accidentally added doubles of a Harmony sprite, so I restored a missing sprite to replace the double. One that I remember having on SHHB before the broken image storm lol Now it's back, yay! 'Episodes' has been updated since Kristopher has given me more awesome stuff through an e-mail, it's not a recent one but I now have the full view of Ep 130's cover so now that thumbnail can be linked and the back cover has finally been revealed :D For the fact that I have that, I removed the Cantonese cover for the episode since I rather stick with Japanese ones, Japan is where Tottoko Hamutaro came from after all :P I also made better thumbnails for Ep 130 and Ep 232 by removing the black borders to make it look better =3 I also updated 'Credits' a little. I'm planning on adding a AMV redo for Harmony - Where Are You Christmas somewhere around December at least if not around Xmas.. maybe I'll make a small update next time just so I can add it near a proper date instead of outside December. I'll probably do that.

The first Halloween image! I did many Xmas ones in the past and thought of doing a Halloween one for this year :D I downloaded those cool looking brushes to go with it too :3 The 17th layout (the only Halloween layout), was the inspiration for making this since orange and black are key colors on there too, just like this image. The images on there aren't on the site yet but they will be on the next update in full view, which are from the English Ham-Ham Heartbreak commercial (which is on HHP). Planing on adding more pictures from that commercial and the commercial itself on the next update as well.

Added Spat - You Spin Me Around (Redo)
Added Harmony - We're in Heaven (Redo)
Added Spat - It's Not My Time (Redo)
Added Harmony Tribute (Redo)
Restored HHHB Pics
Restored More Merch Pics
New Harmony Merch
New Harmony Picture
Better Image: Angel-chan
Better Image: Spat Trading Card
Restored Missing Harmony Sprite
Updated 'Episodes'
Updated 'Spat & Harmony Pics'
Updated 'Spat Pics'
Updated 'Credits'

New Harmony Layout And More!

Friday - May 27, 2016

Whew, I didn't expect that hiatus to be so long. I tried making it 17 days like the previous hiatus or more but working on the new layout and restoring/adding took a long time and near the end of the hiatus I came down with a mild sickness from my allergies, I wasn't bedridden but it was hard to work on this update.. Though I am feeling much better but I'm still coughing :/ Since SHHB was on hiatus I took the chance to restore/add a lot of things so that's what made me want to create a big update XD I felt generous so I updated 'Credits' which I haven't done for a long time. There's probably more credit to add but I only added some. I updated my age and added a replacement picture of my ham-form Penny in 'About Me' I keep forgetting to update my age XD Since my second Vimeo account that had a copyright thingy in all of the video descriptions but adding that still didn't do any good since that account got deleted from copyright again.. typical. I added Spat Tribute, Harmony AMV, Spat AMV, and Harmony - Wrong Impression redos to Photobucket. I made a second account to separate those videos from what's on my first account just in case Photobucket decides to be an idjit (Quote from Bobby from Supernatural :3) and deletes those videos. From now on, I'm using Photobucket for my AMV uploading needs since old videos on my first account are still there. For the restoration part of this update I had to redo some things and these are it; Both Spat blinkies in 'Blinkies', Splash 2 Thumb in 'Archives', the rest of the Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak The Movie Fan Fic Images that decorate that page in 'Fan Fics', Episode 130 Pic, and the Clubhouse map icon for Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak in 'Ham-Ham Heartbreak'. For the Italian stuff I got an e-mail from Kristopher (Staff for HHP) who sent me an Italian Dub of Ep 232 and told me Spat and Harmony's Italian names since I asked him which has been added to each respectful pages. So, thanks to that e-mail I got Italian stuff for SHHB ^-^

More info for the update Changes/Restorations; During the hiatus I have encountered pages that either needs changes or restorations and these are it.. 'Music': Corrupted Files Fixed for; Harmony's Theme, Harmony Tower, Duet and Couples, and Ham-Hams. Tottoko Hamutaro Opening/Ending changed to Third Opening/Ending since the old files aren't from the episodes, might be from the Cantonese version of Hamutaro (Used to have the Cantonese version of Ep 130 many years ago). 'Free Layouts': Layout Templates now only have a link to get to them, instead of linking them to thumbnails since the thumbnails are gone being hosted by Maj. 'Ham-Ham Heartbreak': The image above the Story section is now removed since it's hosted by Maj. 'Blogs': The last Spat and Harmony blog is in storage aka hidden since the image is hosted by Maj. 'Avatars': Since I have no idea what the last three 100x100 avatars look like they are all placed in storage aka hidden since the avatars are hosted by Maj. Maj is Majhost by the way, just wanted to type Maj to make it easier. Now I have some important things to type about the affiliates; For some reason Ham-Ham Friends is down.. I doubt this is a Webs (that hosts HHF) problem so it's probably because of Free Domain.co.nr which hosts HHF's site address since I tried going to that site and saw that it's down. Because of this problem, SHHB's second address is gone as well being hosted by the same site so the free domain button is temporary removed including the second address on 'Splash' until further notice. This also deals with the hiatus page when SHHB is on hiatus again. I've known about this for a long time but Hamtaro Friends 4 Games is down too since Sunset, the owner is moving the site to another host. I thought it would some day return in so many months or more but it hasn't. So, Hamtaro Friends 4 Games has been moved to Passed Away Affiliates..

New Layout! Version 24: The Heavenly Music!
'About this Layout' Updated
New Harmony Fan Art
Added Version 24 to 'Past Layouts'
'Credits' Updated
'About Me' Updated
'Affiliates' Updated
Added Spat Tribute (Redo Version)
Added Harmony AMV (Redo Version)
Added Spat AMV (Redo Version)
Added Harmony - Wrong Impression (Redo Version)
Missing 'Sprites' Restored
Spat Blinkies Restored
Splash 2 Thumb Added to 'Archives'
Rest of HHHB Movie Fan Fic Images Restored
Spat Enter & Harmony Enter Signs Restored
Recent Spat Fan Art Thumb Restored
Ep 130 Pic Restored in 'Episodes'
Clubhouse Pic Restored in 'Ham-Ham Heartbreak'
Italian Names for Spat & Harmony Added
Added Italian Dub for Ep 232

Goodbye Chat Box..

Thursday - November 19, 2015

At first I was thinking of putting this part of the next update up until I had more stuff to add but the drama is just getting worse.. The paragraph below rants and explains why the chat box has to go. I hate having to do this but it's the only way to stop all of this crap.

I'm sorry to say this but the chat box has been removed. Why? Because of drama, aka a whole bunch of crap that makes this site look bad. Years ago, Ham-Ham Paradise had a chat box, like mine because that's how I got SHHB's chat box in the first place. A whole bunch of crap was going on there as well and soon, the chat box was removed, for good. I could have gotten rid of SHHB's as well in the past but I didn't. But now, I can't stand it any longer. It's a shame this had to be done, I was actually planning to let the chat box live on until Version 25 and just like this layout (Version 23) I had a special Harmony chat box header, just like I did with the Spat layout.. since the next layout is going to be all about Harmony. I thought it could survive until Version 25.. but now the time has come to end this crap, once and for all. For the fact that the chat box is gone, that Harmony version of the chat box header, won't be included.. Oh, and I'm sorry to say that the chat box won't return. It's gone for good, just like HHP. You all have a 'special' someone to thank for because of this. Yeah, I can try to get rid of this someone but that someone keeps popping up.. And what's the use of doing that when I'm the bad guy just because I'm trying to not kiss someone's butt. Some people just need to know who's boss and being annoying and stupid doesn't mean that person should get away with it. I've been dealing with this 'special' person ever since Version 7, the early years of SHHB's chat box and it started when the site had three drawing boards, which where places where people could draw and chat but that soon got filled up with crap because of that 'special' someone. I thought I could try to reason with that person, I tried, failed, I tried again, and failed again. It just kept going on, and on, and on. I amaze myself for dealing with that crap for that long. But as the drawing boards went down, so should the chat box. If you want to label me as the bad guy, then go ahead but just so you know, I'm not the one that started this crap train. I didn't create SHHB to deal with people's crap, I created the site so fans of Spat, Harmony, and Hamtaro could know more about these two awesome characters for the fact that the English version of the episodes stopped never showed them, only Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak did, at least not outside of Japan. I wanted to spread what I know and what I saw on these lesser known characters to those who didn't. And so, this rant has come to a close.

I'm really sorry for those who didn't cause any of this crap. I've been in situations like this when something bad happens because of someone else so I know how it feels.. and it sucks :/ I had no choice but to do this, I hope you guys understand. By the way since the chat box is removed, it's rules are removed as well.

Chat Box and Chat Box Rules are Removed

AMV Redos

Tuesday - October 13, 2015

Hello everyone! :D Guess what I got to do? Redo some of the many Spat and Harmony AMVs that have been deleted for years and added four out of the six AMVs that I did throughout the months, I made new versions of Spat AMV and Harmony AMV back in July since the two have the most votes on the "If I ever redid a old Spat or Harmony music video, what would it be?" poll, at the moment Harmony AMV has the most votes with a total of 12 and Spat AMV has a total of 9 votes. When August came, I did a Spat Tribute redo since it was in third place in the poll with a total of 4 and instead of doing a redo for Harmony Tribute for the fact that it was in last place with 3 votes, I decided to do a Harmony - Wrong Impression redo instead since I wasn't sure if I wanted to make a redo just yet because of the song but I got over it now and will do it in the future if the movie makers that I have go smoothly, which they had. Some redos had a mix up of the movie maker on my new laptop, which is what I'm using right now and the two movie makers on my old laptop in which the old Windows Movie Maker was found but can only be used in a certain way. I guess it wasn't completely deleted after all :D I did have trouble with the AMV redos and some freezing happened but I got through it ^-^ And will do more if possible, my goal is the make new versions of all of my missing AMVs, I did make two more last month but I'm not going to add them until the next update :P Didn't do any for this month at the moment since I was busy but I plain to. To be able to add these videos, I made a new account on Vimeo since I have one more e-mail address that I can use in order to make an account but added a copyright thingy in all of the videos description since I heard that it worked 50/50 on Youtube so decided to try it on Vimeo but I won't be able to make a third account if this one goes down D: Unless I use my sister's e-mail :3 but let's just see if this current one stays put.

During my months of AMV making, I went to Youtube and stumbled upon the full version of that Japanese Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak Commercial <3 found out that the one that I saw was the short version of that commercial and in this full version new things happen 8D Spat appears out from the shadow and smirks at Hamtaro and Bijou. For Harmony, she flies happily while Hamtaro and Bijou do a little dance upon the tree trunk and then the game's title falls in front of them as Harmony turns to the two with a worried look at how the title almost crashed the two ham-hams. When I saw this commercial, I was all "I must do screenshots! :DD" especially for the sake of Spat's part XD I may not have a crush on him but he's still a cutie ^3^ I got 3 screenshots of the devil-ham and 2 for the angel-ham, Spat got the most since he had more movement than Harmony. Along with this update, I re-added the Spat and Harmony smiles since I could revive them thanks to the forums for keeping them, despite Majhost going offline. Yay forums! And revived many more pictures, Merchandise Section; Full picture of the Spat UFO Plush (Though it isn't the original one), The rest of the pictures for Spat Chocolate Bar, The rest of the pictures for Harmony Chocolate Bar, Harmony UFO Plush pictures, Thumbnails for Tottoko Hamutaro Poster and Tottoko Hamutaro Puzzle. Picture Galleries; Ham-Ham Heartbreak Commercial pictures for Spat and Harmony.

Added Spat AMV (Redo)
Added Harmony AMV (Redo)
Added Spat Tribute (Redo)
Added Harmony - Wrong Impression (Redo)
Re-added Smiles to Chatbox
More Images Revived in all Merch pages
More Images Revived in Spat Pics & Harmony Pics
New HHHB Commercial Pics; 2 for Harmony, 3 for Spat

More Magic!

Saturday - May 23, 2015

I was looking through the pages to see what I could update and decided to add more magic to 'Magic' even though I said before that I wasn't going to add every single attack but now I want to add more XD That page is small anyway since I only added four of Spat and Harmony's magic. I have added four more of their magic from episodes 130 and 232. If I'm able to find more that don't relate to their other types of magic, then I will add more from episode 244 since I believe I have covered the other two eps. Because of a new anime I'm into since it also has magic :D, I really like changing the page from Powers to Magic, though I admit I preferred Powers instead in the past. Maybe that's another reason why I wanted to add more magic since that anime inspired me :3 I also add a little bit more to 'Spat's Page' that is added to the first paragraph underneath his.. profile list thing.. I don't know what you can it but it is a list that is based on who he is so I guess it's a profile list. For 'Harmony's Page' I have added a small amount of info on her but it is more than Spat's profile update. This new info is also in the first paragraph but also has a little bit on her In Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak.

In other news, I'm willing to redo the many Spat and Harmony AMVs that have been deleted. The Windows Move Maker 2.6 which I used to make all of my AMVs has freezing issues so I downloaded an old version that is only one step older than 2.6, which I used for other AMVs for a while but then it got accidentally deleted x.x I searched Google, trying to bring it back so I could start redoing Spat AMV and Harmony AMV but Norton, my anti-virus was blocking it, automatically deleting the file which I tried a few times but now I have issues where I can't download that old movie maker since I don't have the right version of Windows, I have a Vista but it needs XP to active it.. Since I got into these two issues, I'm going to try using 2.6 again. If that doesn't work I'll have to try getting the old one again or use the version that I get when I buy a new laptop, since this one that I'm using, is really old now and can have problems but it still stays strong.. <3

More magic added to 'Magic'
A Little Bit of New Info Added to 'Spat's Page'
A Small Amount of New Info Added to 'Harmony's Page'

SHHB Revived & New Spat Layout! :D

Sunday - February 22, 2015

(Well.. mostly revived.) Finally! D: I'm really sorry for the wait but restoring images, some AMV's and episode downloads takes a really long time. For those that didn't read the hiatus page, Majhost (the image host, that hosts most of the images on SHHB) is down which means the images that are hosted on there are broken and won't return until it does >_< I thought I could trust Majhost but since it's been down for now probably over two months since it's been down for over a month on the 5th. Here is a list of which pages have been revived, almost revived, and not almost revived; Revived Pages: Harmony's Page, Spat's Page, Magic, Ask, About the Site, and Affiliates. Almost Revived: Blogs, Blinkies, Coloring Pages (Thumbnails Only), Enter/Hiatus Signs, Ham-Ham Heartbreak, Harmony Merch, Spat Merch, Episodes, Fan Fics, Archives (Only Revived 2nd splash), Past Layouts, Sprites, Spat & Harmony Pics, SHHB Forums, Online Games, and Spat Pics. Not Almost Revived: Dress Ups,Spat & Harmony Merch, Fan Art, and Harmony Pics. Note that a few Spat pictures and a bunch of Harmony ones where unmatchable, meaning that I couldn't find a match according to the name of each picture. It would be a lot easier if I could see the broken images. This also includes the sprites.

I even ended up finding out that Rapid Share (that hosts the episode downloads) have been secretly removed since the download page says 'contains' no data' though there used to be 'data'. And Vimeo has betrayed me by taking down all of the AMVs that used to be hosted there, including the watch online episodes. I thought I could trust Vimeo too but no, I can't O< So, Vimeo wants to be like Youtube but unlike Youtube, all of my videos on that account weren't removed T_T Since this has been done, watch online episode links are gone since it's a pain to find a reliable host (though there is Photobucket but I'm not even going to try) but the episode downloads are still available and have been moved to MEGA which is what HHP uses, so that's how I got the idea. I'm sorry to say this but.. thanks to Vimeo, Harmony - Where Are You Christmas? was the only video that I couldn't revive... thought I saved it on one of my flash drives but I didn't.. >: So, yet another video is gone! T_T All of this bad news is SHHB's greatest down fall.. ever.. During SHHB's revive, I made other updates that are listed below. Now for some good news :D This is the greatest Spat layout I ever done.. I was going to try using a style switcher, where it's possible to have two styles and have Harmony's new layout added as well but the progress was getting slow and it wasn't working >.< I was getting tired of the small content so I made it bigger 8D and created a new disclaimer, and changed/added some stuff which can be explained in 'About this Layout' and tells a lot more about this spatastic layout <3

New Layout! Version 23: Evil Ways!
Revived As Many Images
Revived Most of the AMVs & Ep Downloads
1 New Spat Pic, 5 New Spat & Harmony Pics
Added Version 22 to Past Layouts
Linked Full View of Ep. 232 Cover
One New Spat Fan Art!

Guestbook Revived!

Tuesday - December 16, 2014

I come back.. with updates! :D Sorry about the wait but sometimes finding things to update takes a while. I'm happy to announce that I found a new guestbook so the page is revived! But the old one was better, it will have to do though. It does have some nice touches; a visitor and message counter plus when the last message was posted at the top :3 I replaced Spat sprite 11 with a new sprite since Spat28 is so similar and to keep it even with the Harmony sprites. Speaking of sprites.. the last poor quality Harmony sprite is replaced with a better one, Yay! I also found more past layout codes from Archive.org!! Version 13 and 14 have some missing images though so I tried to make it look like the screenshot, Version 10 however didn't need any fixing :> I also made screenshots of Version 11 and 13's splashes since I only saved the images, I didn't find splashes for Version 12 and 14 though.. they also only have the images.

Added more History of the Site on 'About the Site' and added a new page below Fun Stuff called 'Extra Fun' I could tell you more about it but I'll leave it as a surprise :3 For Affiliates, Maxwell's Library and Sunflower Garden are inactive so I moved them to the Inactive Affiliates list. And last but not least, I have a sad announcement to make... one of my affiliates.. Ham-Ham Friends has been.. removed :< I think it's Web's doing since I doubt that Kitty-Ham would do such a thing, no matter how inactive her site was. I should add HHF to the Passed Affiliates list but I'm too much of a pussy to do it, sometimes the truth can hurt and this truth hurts me... Darn it, Webs, you jerk!! Despite the bad news, I wish every one a Merry Christmas ^-^ Hope everyone has a good Christmas! ^^ I didn't do a Merry Christmas image this year since I think I've done enough. On a side note.. I can't use the update blog anymore since the manage blog page has been removed!! T_T Meh, I knew someday something will stop me from using it. I can't make any updates on it but at least it's still here. Oh and that chat box on choosing a good song for a future Spat layout has been removed months ago since no one was using it.

Edit: Ham-Ham Friends is back!! YAY!!! 8D

Guestbook Revived!
Last Poor Quality Harmony Sprite Fixed!
New Spat Sprite, Replace By An Old One!
Updated History in 'About the Site'!
Version 10, 13, & 14 Layouts Revived!
Version 11 & 13 Screenshot Splashes!
New Page: 'Extra Fun'! Under Fun Stuff!
Updated Inactive Affiliates!

Old Updates

I was hoping to put this update blog in 'Archives' but if I move it, then I can't see the updates that are archived so it's stuck here.

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